Summer For Shore

Sometimes the simplest patterns can be some of my favorites. Often times a really great design comes in the form of a pretty simple pattern. I remember when I was taking a clothing construction class in college and my instructor told us that “the fewer pattern pieces, the easier”. Which obviously, makes a lot of […]

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Prepped with Tweed

When hearing the word “tweed” it’s hard not to think about either Coco Chanel, or an overall prestigious & preppy aesthetic. At least for me, this is often what I associate with tweed fabric. I admit, I think an authentic Chanel tweed jacket is on that Dream-Wardrobe-Items-to-Acquire list…and to be honest, when I wear tweed […]

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Sewing to Cope

I don’t know about everyone else, but lately I have felt the need to detach from the world and gather myself. There have been so many changes over these past few months and my thoughts and emotions feel like they’re spinning out of control. And to coincide, my family and I have also been going […]

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Rooting for Happiness

Sometimes I question the root of my interest in fashion, and sewing and design. I wonder, “why am I so into this?” Is this too frivolous of an area to bother with?” “Should I be spending my time more meaningfully?” But then I snap back into it and think, “No.” This is meaningful. It’s meaningful […]

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Spring Habits

Now that it finally feels like Spring, this past week I did a little habitual spring cleaning. I cleared out a lot of closet items that needed to be discarded or stored for safe keeping. It always intrigues me how much of a psychological game you play when you clean out your closet, something that […]

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Skip to Spring

I have not been terribly good at keeping up with my blog posts lately. I’ve been sewing up a storm though, so now it’s time to post. After everything in our worlds basically changed overnight, I went into a major sew-a-thon. Sewing is one of those things that tends to be awfully therapeutic when you […]

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A Coat of Arms

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can say that most Ohioans are about ready to change out of their coats and into their t-shirts. It’s funny, us Ohioans near the lake tend to get pretty excited when it is warming up even slightly outside. Give us 50 degrees after the seemingly endless months of […]

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Back in the summer when Closet Case Patterns released their “Rome Collection”, I was on it. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to build a summer capsule wardrobe. I never blogged about that capsule, but do have all the pieces in my Instagram story highlights. Anyway, once I got this red high twist stretch […]

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Built in Silver & Gold

Okay…this is my last brocade jacket to post for the cold-weather season. My makes will now be shifting to Spring/Summer things, like some pants and bottoms that will serve well for the work wardrobe, no doubt some more #m7726. :D Whether you sew or not, do you find yourself gravitating toward the same kinds of […]

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For the Love of Pink <3

Every year I get pretty excited to post around Valentine’s day. I think I just like the excuse of combining shades of reds, pinks, and purples together to make wonderful bursts of warm tempered colors. :D Really, the color palette Valentine’s day lends us can be lots of fun to play around with. Today I […]

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