#FallGirl…My First Meme



I know. It’s not something I sewed or anything…but I’m quite proud of my first ‘real’ meme. :)

Here’s the story about #FallGirl…during grad school at a pretty reputable fashion school, my husband would tag along with me some days and hang out in the buildings while I was in class, or meetings or whatever. And both of us are avid people watchers–If someone would pay me to people watch…I would do it in a millisecond. It’s just so interesting how much you can learn sociologically if you just sit somewhere and observe people and environmental surroundings–But I digress, during the Fall seasons, we would see lots and lots of girls basically in the same get-up… Hair in an effortless but tamed mess, (usually red) plaid shirt, warm sweater or jacket over the plaid…black leggings (poll: pants or not pants? I still don’t consider them pants because they remind me too much of the “stretchy pants” that were just leggings with stirrups that my mom would put me in when I was in first grade-but always under a dress or giant sweater!) nice handbag, Kate Spade or similar…Hunter boots, riding boots, Bean boots…any of the boot variety…and then OF COURSE a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte or any other warm drink containing Fall flavors.

So one day we decided we needed a reference. What do we call this look? It’s all over…how do we identify it? And so, #FallGirl was born.

Do you know a #FallGirl? Are YOU a #FallGirl?


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