Ice Dyed Brocade

Textiles and dyeing are probably one of my favorite things. In college, I was required to take 3 different textile classes, each highlighting a different facet of textiles, and each very interesting. The class about color and dyeing though, was by far my favorite. If you follow my Instagram account, you will witness my interest in dyeing various textiles and experimenting with different techniques and colors.

It wasn’t until about a year and a half ago when I was a fabrics lab instructor during grad school that I had even HEARD of ice dyeing. I was immediately intrigued. I had to try it. I finally did test the ice dyeing waters this summer on a piece of scrap fabric, because I had this idea for the coat in this post, but of course did not want to screw it up. I decided to do a little trial run first and learn from any mistakes first before moving on to something a little more important than a piece of scrap muslin. ;)

Well, my friends…the results turned out just as I had hoped. Here’s how I did it:

I started by sewing my coat shell. After I finished that, I pre-soaked the coat shell inΒ Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (which you can find at a hardware store). You can also use Soda Ash, washing soda is just a more accessible alternative (Pre-soaking in washing soda is supposed to help with the color vibrancy because it changes PH levels).



I used Dylon dyes, which was the first time I used them and thought the colors were fantastic. (*Note, the lining in all my pictures came out WAY more blue looking than it is. It’s actually a more violet color).

After I pre-soaked my coat shell for about 30 minutes in the washing soda, I air dried it and in the meantime, sewed my coat lining. After it was dry (luckily, it was a warm sunny day, so it didn’t take too long!) , I was finally ready to dye!


It’s like a beautiful, sparkly pile of gem stones. 8)


…until the ice melts. But now I was able to see the great colors going on.


And check out the finished product…






Unfortunately, sheΒ is one I’m keeping for myself (unlike the velvet cape I featured in my last post, which you can find here). BUT, if you’re interested in something custom with similar or different colors, please contact me and we can figure it out. ;)


OH! And what can you do with leftover dye?

Make some cowabunga tees, of course…



Happy Saturday! :)


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