Complete with Collar and Cuffs

There’s just something about French cuff sleeves that draw me in with star-gazed eyes. They just scream sophisticated when they are on a jacket. In this post, I’ve made this 1950’s inspired jacket that is probably one of my favorites to date. Here’s its story: I made the bodice from a Vogue pattern (#8355) but […]

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How the Flowers Grow…

This month, I’ve been trying to participate in a sewing photo challenge via Instagram, initiatedΒ by Bimble and Pimble. Today’s challenge is Prints or Floral, and since today is also Small Business Saturday, I thought I would feature this floral statement coat on both my blog, and for my #bpsewvember Insta post. Supporting small businesses is […]

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Pink Possibilities

This time, it’s pink. Another capeΒ is here. This one has a cotton outer shell and a silk lining with a faux leather collar and side detail. Initially, I thought I would stick to only the contrasting collar, so the side detail was a bit of an after-thought, but ultimately it definitely completes it. Something that […]

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Orange is the New Cape

Get ready. Because there’s more where this one came from. This past summer, I made a BUNCH of capes. I mean, a BUNCH. And I will tell you now, that each and every one is one-of-a-kind because it was my way of using up allllll of this extra fabric that was looming in my little […]

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A Coat with a Statement

This month on the cover of Vogue was a feature on Statement Coats. I just love to see coats getting their rightful attention. Yes. I do make things other than coats, I promise. But coats and jackets have just always been my thing. I don’t know why I am so drawn to them, but to […]

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Made in Cleveland

I doubt I’m the only Clevelander when I say that today, my nerves don’t stand a chance. Every one of us is pumped full of excitement-slash-nervousness today as the Cleveland Indians take on Game 6 of the World Series. Eeeeeek! The only thing to do at this point is put on the Indians gear and […]

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