Made in Cleveland

I doubt I’m the only Clevelander when I say that today, my nerves don’t stand a chance. Every one of us is pumped full of excitement-slash-nervousness today as the Cleveland Indians take on Game 6 of the World Series. Eeeeeek! The only thing to do at this point is put on the Indians gear and scream “GO TRIBE!” as loud and as often as possible.

I’m sitting here typing, clad in home town apparel even though we actually took these photos the other day on a dreary, half-rainy day…hence the half-utilized umbrella. (I admit, I was slightly tempted to mock Mary Poppins and jump off the picnic table, umbrella in hand to see if I would float away. Oh well, maybe next time. ;) )

I made this statement coat about a month ago. I had planned on making it for a while before that, but just couldn’t settle on a lining choice. Finally, I landed on this pretty, ice blue polyester satin.

This coat is really great for a Fall day, and will probably be equally as efficient for a cool Spring day.

dsc_0830 dsc_0882

I would classify it as light-medium weight…available for purchase here. And isn’t the motif design awesome??


Vintage buttons. 8)



Also has lined pockets.

dsc_0919 dsc_0916


This collar is worth the pop.


*I think this is when Mary Poppins crossed my mind*


Outfit details:

Coat is on Etsy, here.

Gap denim jeans

L.L. Bean Boot/shoes, available here.



One more for the road…GO TRIBE! :D


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