Dressed for the Holiday

Raise your hand if you’re ready for Spring!! Seriously, I am definitely feeling the Spring fever…especially after such a chilly Easter day. It seems this winter has been relentless, and I think we can all agree it’s about time we bid the old man adieu for a while. Bring on the flowers!

This Easter, I tried my best to remind myself of all things Spring and flowers…hence the lavender dress and pink petal coat. Call me old fashioned, but I have always loved the Easter dress tradition.

Last week, I was at the hair salon getting my hair done and you know how it is at the salon…you’re sitting there talking with your stylist on and off, and more times than not during that off time you’re sitting there listening to all the other conversations around you (At least, that’s what I do ;D). Well, being a fashion educator, my ears tend to perk up when I hear any talk of fashion inΒ  a social context. The stylist next to me was having a conversation with her client about Easter and their traditions, and of course that included what they wear. They both agreed they keep it casual and there’s no dressing up in their households, that they usually are in their PJ’s. I’m not going to lie, that made me a little sad. To each their own, we all do our thing…but I guess I have a different perspective. I am fascinated with the history and reasons behind why we dress the ways we do and just the evolution of dress in general. This got me thinking to how casual of a society we have truly become. Dressing up for holidays used to be a given. You’d have a special dress or outfit you wore because it was a special occasion, but that tradition has certainly depleted over the years. Especially now, in our increasingly laid back world, it can be refreshing to still use those holidays and special occasions as opportunities to dress up and utilize the clothes in our closets we buy but never give ourselves a chance to wear.


My Easter dress this year is a new McCall’s pattern (#m7717). I LOVE this pattern. I cannot get enough of these wonderful sleeves.

I realized I didn’t have much purple in my closet and I’m not really sure why. I like purple, especially lavender…so when I was browsing for fabric, this lavender polyester blend definitely jumped out at me. The drape is wonderful and the fabric was really great to work with. And the weight was absolutely perfect for the chillier Easter day we had.

Okay. If you know me or have been following my blog, you probably know by now that I am, in fact, a major coat person. Maybe it’s from growing up in a place that experiences winter-like weather about 9 months out of the year, but either way…I can’t get enough and I probably say that every coat I post about is “my favorite coat ever!” But really, this one. This one is actually my favorite coat ever. I really only wear it for the special occasions or holidays (this year, Valentine’s day and Easter). And here is its story:

Before Callie Makes, in my past blog life on Polka Dots and Leopard Spots, I posted about this coat (which also was an Easter post). I had this pink coat from J.Crew and decided to do a little upcycling to it. It had gotten a little dirty on the bottom and after some dry-cleaning still didn’t look much better, so my next idea was to embellish. I dove into my scrap piles and went to town. I cut up some petals and curled them with my handy milliner tool. ;) A couple at a time, I then tacked them onto the outer shell of the coat.

As expected, it was a long process. But totally. worth. it.

So, with my Easter dress I wore my special occasion coat for this special occasion and she is now already safely packed into her garment bag, awaiting for another appearance on another special day, because sometimes you need to take a break from casual and use those days to look extra special.


2 thoughts on “Dressed for the Holiday

  1. That dress is so classy looking (and slightly 60’s retro as well I think). I love the embellishment you used for your coat as well.
    Between an IG feed full of Easter dress sewing this last week and falling into a Pinterest black hole on the weekend (where I found a treasure trove of old photos of spring/Easter) I, too, was thinking about how we have become a much more casual society. It looked to me like the majority of my IG feed were wearing/planning on wearing their Easter finery to church. As much as I loooove the classy looks of eras past I am definitely guilty of being uber casual almost all the time (no chuch for me). Even my work wardrobe falls into the ‘office casual’ category. Your lovely dress and coat have me coveting pretty things though :)


    1. You know, it does have a bit of a 60’s vibe, doesn’t it? Honestly, I definitely lean more toward casual for everyday clothes also–way more jeans and t-shirts. Sometimes, all you want is easy and casual fits that bill. And thank you.. whenever I pull out that coat, it always has me dreaming of all the pretty things, too!

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