Green & Gold Envy

It’s interesting to see how people–as individuals– interpret color. Especially in terms of dress. We all understand how clothing and the way we wear it is a form of personal expression, so is that equally as true for the way we wear color? Does how we wear color say something about ourselves? Hmm…something to ponder. […]

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Winter Whites

As most people probably feel about their own home towns, there are many places around my home city that I believe to be pretty awesome, and help make it what it is. Something I absolutely love about Cleveland is our parks. We have an amazing park system. Tucked away in the Metroparks is Squire’s Castle, […]

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New Year, New Light

I know New Year’s Day was already a week ago, but I often spend that week really reflecting on the past year and what sort of changes I’d like to make in the upcoming year in order to progress. We all just want to keep moving forward, right? But in order to move forward, changes […]

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Black + Belt

Phew… and we still have New Year’s Eve and Day to go! It’s been a pretty hectic month over here, and I’m not sure about the rest of you but Christmas just didn’t feel very Christmas-y this year. I’ve talked with many who feel the same way. What is it about the Holidays that make […]

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A Gilded Garment

What is it about anything gold and shiny? I mean, really. With fabrics–I’m like a bird attracted to shiny things. I find myself naturally gravitating to the metallic fabrics whenever I go into a fabric shop, and then while handling them I’m thinking about design possibilities and talking myself into reasons for buying said fabrics. […]

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Add Some Lace

Seriously, I don’t know what it is with me and kimonos. I just really love them as a little something extra to add on. So with that, I bring you another kimono (and don’t you worry, I have another one or two to share after this ;) ) Sometimes when I spot fabric I like […]

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Winter Cozy

It’s that time. Time to start cozying up for winter. The cold kind of stinks, yeah…but that just means there’s all this opportunity for warming up and staying toasty :) To be honest, in the winter I am often donning a hat and scarf when I’m sitting at my sewing machine and with tea or […]

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Cozying Up for Infinity

I doubt I’m the only one in this region of the country who knows that once the cold hits, it feels like it’s cold forever. So, what else is there to do on these cold and gloomy Ohio days other than bundle up and go for a hike in the #CVNP? Might as well forget […]

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Chenille For Real

“What could I do with these?” is what I asked myself about the re-purposed wool sleeves I used for this coat. They had come off of another wool sweater coat of some kind because it was decided they would be better suited on some other garment. And well, they are. I found the fabric I […]

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Basking in Shibori Glory

A rush of Adrenalin. This is what happens to me when I have a creative light bulb go off. This is also what happened to me the other day when I was wandering around the fabric store, lost in my head of ideas but probably appearing dazed and confused. I can assure you, I was […]

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