Check out the Gingham…

I’m pretty sure I made it a style resolution of mine to try to wear more prints this year. A few years ago, a co-worker made it a point to tell me how often I wear neutrals–which I often do, or maybe did more so when we worked together (what can I say, it makes getting dressed WAY easier). Alas, I remember that that comment made me realize that I also tend to lean more toward solids than prints…but not anymore! This post and the last couple are evidence of my aim at more print-wearing.

So, the other day I was going through my bin of cotton fabric and found this yardage of gingham check. I had forgotten about it altogether–especially that there was more to work with than I kept thinking there was. That said, as an attempt to make use of both the fabric & my time, I thought I’d make a pencil skirt.

Skirts are such a great place to start with sewing if you’re a beginner, since they don’t take too much fabric and they’re generally on the more basic side which makes them a good foundation to build on.

Cross-body purses are my absolute favorite. They’re so much easier to wear than shoulder bags–especially in summer-time when you’re going places and doing more, like baseball games and festivals. This one from J.W. Hulme is super great. It’s the perfect size, is very well crafted (the leather is getting better with age!), and is made in America.

Doesn’t this tee just make you smile? :D (P.S. Bergman Orchards is the BEST place to get peaches in Ohio. And they are conveniently located on the way to Put-In-Bay).

I’m pretty excited for this skirt! I think it will be a really versatile piece to wear through Summer and even into Fall. ESpecially with neutrals ;)

Outfit details:

More printed skirts in my etsy shop, here; Tee-Bergman Orchards; Purse-here; Sandals-Target; Belt-Old Navy


Feeling Ruffled

Happy 2017 to everyone! It seems like every year, January 3rd is the day where everything is starting to finally settle after a long season of inevitable busy-ness, two weeks of which always seem ultra intense. It’s back to reality and starting fresh, which personally, I kind of look forward to. I like the New Year and the motivation to get a head start that it usually brings. So, even though there’s that stretch of chaos, it’s good that it comes around because otherwise we might not have that motivation to hit the restart button.

To honor the feeling of dishevelment that tags along with the holidays, in today’s post I’m wearing a taffeta/velvet ruffle skirt that I made about 2 years ago… A ruffle skirt to mark the end of feeling ruffled. ;)


dsc_1074 dsc_1083

Like many of my other projects, the dotted taffeta was a remnant of fabric I had laying around that was plaguing me. I had to use it up somehow…and so the ruffle skirt was made.

dsc_1177 dsc_1195 dsc_1128 dsc_1123 dsc_1086 dsc_1272 dsc_1198 dsc_1199 dsc_1220 dsc_1269 dsc_1275 dsc_1243

Outfit details: Chambray shirt: H&M; Scarf: Preston and York; Belt: Anthropologie (no longer available); Clutch: Target (no longer available) Boots: Aldo (similar here, and on sale!).

How does the end of the holiday season make you feel?