The Pink Jacket-Cape

Happppy Monday!

So, ya know how in my last post I said I had another make to share with you that involved more awesome wool that belonged to my grandma?

Well, here she is. Just like that blue wool, my aunt also gave me a few yards of this beautiful pink wool from J.P. Stevens. It is in equally as good condition, with no sign of hungry moths. It also had an original tag like the blue, but the yardage it had listed was incorrect. It said there was 4 yards, but there was only about 2.5, so I had to do a little creative solving to finish this jacket-cape I decided to make from it.


dsc_0258 dsc_0240 dsc_0118 dsc_0139

The back, which you can catch a glimpse of ^ is actually a different fabric. Just a remnant I needed to use up and whose color coordinated perfectly with the rest.


Instead of making the sash from the wool, I opted for some pink tweed that I had lots of.

dsc_0167 dsc_0104 dsc_0275

Topstitching makes my heart flutter… <3


Had to make sure the lining was fun too, of course. :D

dsc_0178 dsc_0197 dsc_0090

This post involved a lot of twirling…


And the ballerina in me came out. Maybe it was the whole, ballerina pink cape thing… ;)

dsc_0080 dsc_0060-2 dsc_0293 dsc_0051 dsc_0006 dsc_0005

There was something so beautiful about this iced over pond. Especially seeing the leaves trapped just under the surface of the ice. Looked a bit surreal.

dsc_0331 dsc_0334 dsc_0376 img_203 pink-cape-untitled1

I said there was a lot of twirling involved. There was also a little dancing. Because you should always take time to dance. ;)



Outfit Details:

Jeans, Gap; Sorel Boots; Scarf from Portobello Market in London; Hat, Target (years ago)


Chenille For Real

“What could I do with these?” is what I asked myself about the re-purposed wool sleeves I used for this coat. They had come off of another wool sweater coat of some kind because it was decided they would be better suited on some other garment. And well, they are. I found the fabric I used while rummaging around textile piles, seeing what I had and what I could use for what. It is a multi-colored woven chenille with a really cool diamond pattern that you don’t really notice up-close.

I admit, setting these thick wool sleeves was a bit of a challenge, but we made it through. And I’m glad we did. This coat is what their ultimate destiny was, after all. ;)

I will say, we took these pictures on a pretty chilly Fall day. This coat helped with the chill by far, but I only had on a long sleeve t-shirt underneath… so if you tend to err on the side of freezing all the time (such as myself), then I suggest throwing on a little something more, or heavier, under this multi-colored beauty.


*Warning: Photo-heavy post ahead. Sorry… but all the Fall colors! 8)

dsc_0528 dsc_0565 dsc_0576 dsc_0581 dsc_0599 Faux leather floppy hat is by Converse for Target years back.
img_20161024_173543423_hdr img_20161024_173559588_hdr dsc_0604 dsc_0594

Have a couple versions of this necklace in the Etsy shop right now.


Mono-clasp closure. This one is also vintage and re-purposed.


See those diamonds? ;)

dsc_0622 dsc_0703 dsc_0738 img_20161024_174120269 img_20161024_174217390 img_20161024_172759961 dsc_0545

Outfit details:

Coat: Here

Denim: AG, similar here

Necklace *versions of*: Here

Earrings: Made by me

Hat by Converse for Target, No longer available.

BedStu “Sonic” Booties, No longer available but similar here.

Pretty in Periwinkle

Periwinkle. I always thought that was a funny color name. Though it sounds funny, it is quite a lovely color, so I was excited to see that a version of periwinkle (“Serenity”) was included in Pantone’s colors of the year for 2016, which was also in their Spring 2016 Fashion Color Report. Spring is also around when I made this duster coat that I’ve featured in today’s post.

I may have made it in the Spring, but it’s no doubt a GREAT transition coat. Since it is a duster, it’s more on the lightweight side, and doesn’t have any closures or pockets…something to throw on when you’re chilled, really. And that makes it just perfect for these increasingly chilly Fall mornings, days, and evenings.


dsc_0397 dsc_0413

Cotton and linen shell.

dsc_0393 dsc_0389 dsc_0407


Had to stop and take a pic of the warm fall colors happening behind me…

dsc_0371 dsc_0404

Polyester lining.


dsc_0465 It moves pretty well, too. ;)

*Outfit details:

If you love the coat, here it is! :) Merchant and Mills tee-collab with Uniqlo (No longer available) ; AG Jeans-Anthropologie, similar; Booties-Lucky Brand

Velvet Superhero

Happy Sunday, everyone!

So let’s talk about this Fall trend…velvet. It’s all over the place, and with good reason. Velvet is such a great textile. It holds up beautifully over time, and let’s be honest…generally speaking, it just looks expensive-because it usually is. Now, thank goodness we’re in 2016 territory because the velvet trend of the 80’s wasn’t exactly stellar, amiright? :/ There are some truly beautiful pieces popping up this season that exemplify all of velvet’s best qualities.

As an avid maker, I tend to have quite a few fabric remnants laying around after completing projects and then try to figure out what exactly to do with them, so I don’t have all this potentially wasted fabric sitting around. Well, this was the case for this velvet cape. I had a couple yards of velvet leftover and decided a cape would be a suitable solution, and given the big fall trend, totally appropriate.

<<Green side>>

dsc_0157 dsc_0102



<<Black side>>

dsc_0126 dsc_0127


And did I mention it is reversible?? That’s right. Reversible. Double the velvet (well, one side is technically velveteen). Double the fun. One side is a beautifully hunter green, and the other is black velveteen. What an amazing thing to wear either casually, or with formal attire. I can just picture it over a dress for a winter wedding with bright red lipstick and some kick-ass heels…Gorgeous darling!


Outfit details::

Jeans-Gap; booties-DSW (no longer available); Needlepoint purse-Vintage