Woman, In Gold

Lately, I’ve been really into metallics. Or maybe I’m just drawn to all things shiny and sparkly ;) But really, they’re fun and can seriously add a whole new element to any ensemble.

To be honest, I made this kimono on a wimb a couple months ago. I was browsing through JoAnn’s one day and found this awesome fabric. The way it caught my eye, I knew I just needed to get some and figure out what to make from it later… And then I found a kimono pattern on a nearby shelf. Aside from its shininess, this fabric is a great knit that’s super comfortable (and was really easy to work with), so a kimono was this fabric’s fate.

Last week, I was in NYC and this golden number was in my suitcase. Since comfort is more favorable while in New York, I dressed it down with leather shoes and accessories. And it made me realize the great thing about this piece of gold: how versatile it actually is. It looks great worn casually, but it looks pretty awesome dressed up for something more formal, too. So, below are my two looks: Casual and Dressier…and I can’t decide which I like better!


Dressed up:

Outfit #1-Tank: Old Navy; Jeans: Gap; Shoes: L.L.Bean ; Purse: J.W. Hulme

Outfit #2-Tank: Old Navy; Pants & Bracelet: H&M; Shoes: Target (no longer available); Purse: Anthropologie (no longer available); Earrings: Vintage


Pink Possibilities

This time, it’s pink. Another cape is here. This one has a cotton outer shell and a silk lining with a faux leather collar and side detail. Initially, I thought I would stick to only the contrasting collar, so the side detail was a bit of an after-thought, but ultimately it definitely completes it.

Something that I value in clothing is versatility. I mean, who doesn’t like their clothes to coordinate with more than one or two outfits!? And while sometimes versatility can be inherent to a particular article of clothing, it is also something that can be discovered in a wardrobe through some creative styling. For this post, I styled this cape in both a “dressed up” and “dressed down” aesthetic, and really the only thing I swapped to differentiate the two was a dress for some pants. It can be that simple. :)

dsc_0602 dsc_0606

Oh, how it twirls. 8)


Worn dressed up with a dress and tights…


dsc_0627 dsc_0649-2 dsc_0657

(It started to rain a bit while we were taking pics…)

dsc_0687 dsc_0672-2

Or worn more casually with jeans.

dsc_0663-2 dsc_0698-4-clr dsc_0665-2

More twirling…



Outfit details:

Cape, here; Dress, handmade a long time ago; Belt, BCBG (no longer available); Booties, DSW (no longer available, but similar here); Clutch, Anthropologie (no longer available)


What do you think? Would you wear it dressed up or dressed down?